Create a brand with equal appeal to industry and students

Echo Culinary Institute

Brand Comms, Digital, Identity
An identity stacked with personality


Brand Comms, Digital, Identity
Differentiate from BT umbrella brand

BT Investment Management

Digital, Identity

Pernod Ricard PS&W

Brand Comms, Digital, Identity, Packaging
Knot another craft beer

Tangled Anchor

14% rise in global Bible share. OMG

NIV Bibles

Identity, Packaging
8 fist fights and 3 smashed up bottle shops

Anarchy Wine

Identity, Packaging
Embrace and personalise your bling

Ministry of Sound

Bring to life the positioning ‘Read more’

Penguin Publishing

Brand Comms
A brand built on discretion in a fun and engaging manner

Sacker Gooding

Brand Comms, Digital, Identity
Make an intangible intranet, a tangible and popular social hub

PWB Pernod Ricard

Digital, Identity
Clearly visualise the unique selling points

100 Bottles

Give the product a stage to show off on

M&S Biscuits

Guidelines as playful and accessible as the brand


Brand Comms
A brief exchange with Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls

Brand Comms, Packaging
A bold rebrand without altering any of the visual elements


Brand Comms, Identity
Chocolates rebranded with Swiss precision

M&S Swiss Chocolates

Logos that speak for themselves

Iconic Logos

Design that created prominent display and sales returns

Lacoste (P&G)

A brand that speaks to charity and costs charity prices

Association of Charity Shops

Promo design so successful they made it into a book

BBC Life On Mars

Brand Comms